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LED Lighting ROI (Return On Investment)

LED Lighting is cheaper than you might expect. Looking at the purchase price may make it look quite expensive, but when you take into account the electricity costs and incredibly long life, they are significantly cheaper of the life of the bulb. It's one of the best returns on your investment you will get.

Electricity Saving

If your home still have the older style incandescent lighting, you owe it to yourself to replace them immediately. The savings will add up quickly.

Bulb 75W Incandescent 11W LED
KW/h per year 164.25 24
Electricity cost per year $45.17* $6.60*
* Based on 6 hours per day at $0.275 per KW/h

That's a saving of $38.57 per year. Keep in mind that Danson LED bulbs last for 40,000 hours. That's 18 years at 6 hours per day. So over the life of the bulb, it will save you $694.26 in electricity (not taking into account that electricity prices are constantly increasing).

ROI Results

Investment amount $19.99
Gain or loss on investment $694.26
Investment term 18 years
Return on Investment (%) 3370%
Simple Annualised ROI (%) 187.1%

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